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Making a career decision is always a though decision. However once a student has set his eyesight on the goal and taken the first step by choosing the career path that he wants to emabark on, the next most logical question that arises is – where to study?

This question is relevant not only because studying in good institutions is always going to give you that extra advantage but also because there have been a rise in the number of colleges and institutions in India that provide specific professional education, thus making it tough on the part of students to arrive at a conclusion. The sheer number of institutes in India is mind boggling.

Take a look below and you can simply marvel at the number of options that are available to today’s student in Inida.

  • Arts, Science, Commerce & Oriental Learning Colleges: 11128
  • Teachers Training: 784
  • Engineering/Technology/Architecture: 1077
  • Medical: 1253
  • Break-up of Medical Colleges
    • Allopathy: 262
    • Ayurveda: 189
    • Homeopathy: 141
    • Unani/Tibbia: 29
    • Dental: 142
    • Nursing: 122
    • Pharmacy: 241
    • Physiotherapy: 120
    • Naturotherapy: 5
    • Public Health: 2
    • Agriculture: 106
    • Veterinary Science / Animal Science: 50
    • Law: 368
  • * The statistics belong to the year 2009

    In a way the colleges and institutes today provide students with wide range of options where they can take their first steps towards career path. But at the same time the sheer number of options available to students in the form of institutes and institutions is enough to create confusion. Which of the colleges are good, what is the chances of getting into a job of your choice after studying in these colleges, how much course fee do these colleges charge? These are few questions that need to be answered before a student decides whether to take admission in a particular institutes.

    Presented in this section are details pertaining to schools, colleges and educational institutes where a student can pursue his education.

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