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Study AbroadStudying abroad in a reputed institution is a dream that many Indian students nurture. In the present day scenario, thankfully the strides in information technology and other advancement in science have made it an achievable proposition for many Indian students. In fact the number of students opting and moving out of the country for graduate, post graduate and doctoral degrees is on rise with every passing year.


  • A foreign degree is perceived prestigious in India. It is always rewarding career wise for a student to have a degree from reputed foreign universities since research and training in these universities remain world class and are linked to innovation in industry. And since students pursuing a degree course are required to do a 20- hour work variation in most of the universities, they gather valuable experience that augurs well for their career.
  • In the case of students willing to pursue a business degree, studying abroad is the next best option for those who fail to make it to the top business schools in India.Getting into the coveted IIMs is not possible for every aspirant. So the next best option for them is to pursue a management degree from a foreign country like US, UK or Australia. The entrance exams for getting into a B-school abroad like GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS are easier to crack than the CAT exams where the selection criteria is highly competitive.
  • Study_abroadBusiness in modern day is done across national frontiers. It has become imperative for any global MNC to seek out employees with international experience, foreign language skills, and the capacity to function successfully in cross-cultural settings. Students who study abroad fit into this scenario quite well.
  • Studying abroad lets one adopt a progressive and adaptive attitude along with widening of his intellectual ability thereby conducing to the overall personality development of the student. This comes in good stead in the future as an employee where he has to adapt to diverse situations everyday.
  • Last but not the least, the experience of studying abroad adds an entirely new dimension to the résumé, and help the students in obtaining admission to higher degree programmes or in acquiring employment in almost every field imaginable. It gives them a new perspective, a unique characteristic that sets them set apart from the competition.

Advantages of a Foreign Degree

  • An internationally recognized degree always adds to the weight of the resume.
  • Access to world-class facilities
  • Better chances of getting employed overseas
  • One can explore the option of PR/stay back options

What Degrees To Pursue From Foreign Universities

Study AbroadSome of the most coveted courses that students' want to pursue from foreign countries are Masters in Business Administration, Degree courses in Engineering, Degree courses in Biotechnology, Under Graduate as well as Post Graduate courses in humanities etc. But most universities overseas offer Diploma, Certificates, Graduates, and PhD for diverse courses as well.

The most crucial part of  studying abroad is the entrance tests that one needs to take. Country and type of course will be a key point in this step. GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, LSAT etc are the different exams that one takes depending on the country and course. Depending on course and degree each country requires different exam to be undertaken Example: IELTS for Australia, TOEFL /IELTS for UK etc, GMAT for MBA, SAT for Undergraduate programs

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