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Career in Psychiatry

PsychiatristPsychiatry as a special field of health care deals with the mental, emotional and behavioral disorders in a person. Psychiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems, illness and emotional disorders. They take care of patient suffering from mental illness like schizophrenia and depression. He peeps into the psyche of patients and understand the cause of the deep rooted agonies, anxiety and depression. Treatments are made on the basis of counseling and medicines.

Course Details

Candidates first need to complete their MBBS before they can opt for a course in Psychiatry. Doctors who have successfully completed the entire MBBS program can go in for a postgraduate course (M.D.- Doctor of Medicine) in psychiatry or a Diploma in psychiatric medicine (DPM). Besides, one can also join the DNB course organized by the National Board of Examinations which is equivalent to an MD. The course also includes practical training at mental hospitals.

The Doctorate (MD) course in psychiatry is of three years' duration and the student needs to write a thesis on a particular topic under the guidance of a supervisor. The DPM course on the other hand is of two years' duration and does not involve any thesis work by the student

Career Prospects in Psychiatry

Psychiatrist, Career in PsychiatristPsychiatrists can seek employment in regular hospitals as well as in mental hospitals. Many of them also work in rehabilitation centers to rehabilitate drug addicts, dipsomaniacs, juvenile delinquents and others with other occupational therapists and social workers. They are appointed in private hospitals, clinics and health institutes. Many polyclinics also recruit psychiatrists to counsel patients to attend to various psychological problems. They can also start private practice at home or by opening their own clinics. Teaching is one area that always remain open to them.


Psychiatry is a remunerative career option. The pay-package varies from one organization to the other. In government hospitals Psychiatrists are offered the same salary as offered to other specialist doctors. The salary ranges between Rs.15, 000 –Rs.20, 000 per month. In private hospitals the pay-package is even better. Private practice through self employment can provide the best earnings sources to psychiatrist. Private practitioners charge on the basis of sitting or time spent with patients.

Institutes Offering Courses In Psychiatry

Several institutes/colleges/universities offer MD/DPM courses in Psychiatry.Please click here for detailed list of Colleges and Universities that offer courses in Psychiatry.



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