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Careers in Nutrition and Dietetics

NutritionistA relatively new profession, dietetics is the science of managing food and nutrition of an individual to promote health. Food being the source of health, it is essential to have appropriate eating habits for a healthy life. Dieticians or nutritionists help to promote good health through corrective eating habits, thus improving the quality of life. Their major work involves planning and fixing nutritional regimens for the patients depending on their age, sickness or work routine and educate them for the best eating habits.. They do research on nutritive value of food which help to understand the various components of food we eat and the right type of food which provides a balanced mix of the essentials like vitamins, minerals etc needed for the human body. Further they educate their clients about preparation of food according to the principles of nutrition.

Course Details

The minimum requirement for a career in Dietetics and Nutrition is a graduate/post-graduate degree in Home Science/Dietetics and Nutrition/Food Science/Technology. Candidates desiring to seek admission into Bachelor courses in all these subjects should have passed 10+2 with science subjects. Some colleges/universities also offer B.A courses in Home Science for which science at 10+2 is not necessary. This Bachelor courses is of three year duration. For post-graduate courses in Home Science/Dietetics and Nutrition/Food Technology, graduation in these subjects is must. The post-graduate level courses are of two year duration. Besides, there is one year Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition (DDPHN). After doing Post graduation program, one can also go in for PhD and do Research in Food and Nutrition.

Career Prospects In Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutritionists and dieticians have multiple career options. They can work with government hospitals, government's health department, school, collages, factories and office cafeterias for planning nutritional regiment. Apart from this they have a real lucrative career working for sports and athlete camps. Apart from this they can contribute their services in health and recreation clubs, canteen and nursing care facilities. Employment opportunities are also open to them in catering department of star hotels and restaurants and research labs of food manufacturers. They also can opt for research career mainly in universities, public or private sector research institutes, food product manufacturing companies and hospitals. Besides this, they can also work as private consultant or private practitioner.


Nutritionist,Career as nutritionistDieteticians and Nutritionists are much in demand these days .Consequently the remuneration in the field is equally lucrative. Those employed with the government hospitals, academic institutions, research institutes and other agencies have salaries as fixed by the government that ranges between Rs 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. Private sector hotels, restaurants, food manufactures on the other hand offer higher salary and attractive perks. Independent Practitioner and Private Consultants also have good earning which largely depends upon number and nature of their clients.


Institutes Offering Courses in Nutrition and Dietetics

There are several universities in India those offer B.Sc/M.Sc courses in Nutrition and Dietetics. Please click here for a list of colleges that offer degree program courses in Nutrition and Dietetics.



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