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Colleges in Orissa

Orissa College EducationThe Department of Higher Education of Orissa Government supervises the functioning of colleges in Orissa. The presence of quite a number of universities in the state, help in the smooth functioning of these colleges. There are about 92 Government colleges in the state including undergraduate and junior colleges.There are a few professional colleges in Orissa that specialize in providing specialized courses Medicine, Management, Law, Arts, Education, Dance and Music Engineering and Ayurveda. This increasing number of private players in the higher education scenario of Orissa has led to tremendous improvement in the performance of Oriya students.

Courses offered by the Colleges in Orissa

There are a number of women’s colleges in Orissa. The courses offered by the Colleges in Orissa range from Nursing, Management, Engineering, Technical courses, Agriculture, Fisheries, Arts, Home Science to Sanskrit. Courses in Law, Sericulture, Physical Education and Music are also delivered by some professional institutes in Orissa.

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