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Career in Architecture

Architect, Architect CareerThe booming Indian economy has led to unprecedented growth in the infrastructure sector in the last decade or so. Massive constructions and new townships have begun replacing the old dilapidated buildings. This has inevitably led to the demand of architects in the market.

Architects are the licensed professionals trained in the art and science of building. They are involved in all the phases of the  construction of a building i.e. the functional, safety, economical and have to satisfy the needs of its occupants. They are responsible  for the planning, designing and supervision of construction works for houses, office buildings, skyscrapers, landscapes, and even entire cities. It is a challenging job for the architect to produce an artistically pleasing design within the budget specified by the Clients. He needs to start from scratch by producing the sketches of the building, its floor plans elevation etc. And once it is approved he needs to work on the estimation of the project. He has to get the necessary documents pertaining to the town planning from local authorities. And then once the work commenced, he needs to visit the site, supervise the work and do all other work needed to complete the construction. Architects are also sought for their technical l advice to plan, improve or beautify landscapes (that is the field of landscape architecture), highways, entire towns, estates, historical monuments, etc.

Course Details

Architecture is taught through diploma or degree courses in the different colleges/schools of architecture throughout the country. Anybody who has studied Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry at the 10+2 level can apply for admission to study architecture at the graduate level in colleges offering the course. B.Arch is a 5 year course and most schools and colleges select students through a written test. Further on completion of the graduate course one can study architecture at the post graduate course which varies from 18 months to 2 years. The Council of Architecture conducts an aptitude test on  all India basis for admission to colleges of Architecture. Engineering colleges select students on the basis of themerit  to the appropriate engineering courses. 

Subjects in the architecture course include history of architecture, practical mathematics, design and construction, town planning, economics, some sociology, environmental science, and professional practice. Computers are an important part of the training in architecture.

Further specialization in this field can be in industrial design, urban design, landscape architecture, town planning/ urban planning, environmental planning, building engineering and management, transport planning, etc. These courses are open to B.Arch. degree/diploma holders.

Career Prospects in Architecture

Architect, Job as an ArchitectCareer opportunities for architects are immense. They can seek employment in both public and private sectors. A qualified architect can work with government organizations like central and state public work departments, housing and urban development corporation, municipalities, city development authorities, state housing boards etc. They are also employed in industrial ventures, consultancy and private architectural firms, teaching institutions, real estate development firms etc. The most privileged scope in the field of architecture is private practice. With some years of experience in an organization, the architects can set up their own business.In a private practice an architect's client may be an individual, a firm, or a local body. Usually architects who are in private practice specialize in one kind of building - houses, apartment blocks, schools, offices etc.


A fresh architectural graduate working as a trainee with established architects starts with a salary of Rs. 10000 - 12000 per month. With in a short span of time, the earnings can rise up to Rs.15000 ? 20000 per month depending upon the experience and the work involved. In the government sectors, the pay scale is not as lucrative as the private sector. Architects practicing through their own firm could earn a lot, and this could be from thousands to lakhs. Consultants charge anywhere between 4 and 10 per cent of the total cost of construction in case of apartments and multi storied buildings.

Institutes Offering Courses in Architecture

Degree courses in Architecture are offered by different colleges and universities in the country.Please click here for a list of colleges that offer architecture courses in India.



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