Careers - Career in Advertising, Film,Media, Mass Communication

Career in Advertising ,Film, Media And Mass Communication

Career in Advertising and Mass communication, CareerWith globalization and expanding of commerce and activities in the country, a career in Advertising, Media and Film is gaining lots of weight age.

Media today touches every aspect of human life. Advanced and innovative communication tools and technologies have shrunk the world giving a new meaning to the medium of media.A course in Advertising and mass communication is often considered as the passport to the glamorous world of Journalism where one can assume position of responsibility in different positions.One can join an advertising firm or the print or electronic medias after the completion of the course. One can opt to work as a journalist in the newspaper or work as a reporter for a news channel. The opportunities in front of the student of media and mass communication is tremendous.

Presented in this section are the career options available to students enrolling for a course in Advertising,Mass communication and Film.Please click on the respective links to know more.

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